Affluent Profiler
Audience Measurement

Affluent Profiler

Get to know the Affluents you want to reach with Ipsos Affluent Intelligence

An ideal tool for marketers who want a better understanding of their affluent targets, potential audiences and/or competitive targets.

The Affluent Profiler harnesses the power of the Ipsos Affluent Survey to deliver insights in a quick, efficient, semi-customized report. It’s a great value for a wealth of essential data, including:

  • Market Sizing
  • Demographics
  • Geographic Regions
  • Attitudes and Behavior
  • Affluencers Across Categories (Influential/ Advice Givers)
  • Spending Power Across Categories
  • Leisure and Entertainment Activities
  • Media Behavior


  • Include Up to Five Customized Targets Specific to the Marketer’s Needs (e.g., target market, own brand,
  • Deliverables – PowerPoint Including Summarized Insights
  • Cost: 10k


  • Upgrade to a full Ipsos Affluent Survey subscription ($3,500 savings applied to the subscription)
  • Customized analysis, white papers and presentations
  • Conduct custom re-contact research using the Ipsos Affluent Survey
  • Precise targeting of the desired affluent group
  • Ability to link responses from the custom survey to the extensive content in the Ipsos Affluent Survey
  • Saves “real estate” in the custom questionnaire for content highly specific to your project needs

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