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Ipsos uTarget eNation U.S. Omnibus

Omnibus research for your specific target market.

uTarget eNation Omnibus allows you to survey your target audience and get the answers needed from your customers. Now, clients who need their specific target customer point of view can get it quickly and easily. Almost any target audience you want to reach is available with our daily online surveys. Feasibility of specific target audience will need to be confirmed first, to insure quality data and quick turnaround.

Why choose Ipsos uTarget eNation U.S. Omnibus?

Reaching your target audience makes all the difference when marketing your service or product. Ipsos uTarget allows you to reach your audience with the ease and affordability of an omnibus design.

Every day we talk to at least 1,000 adult Americans and find out what's on their minds. And whether you want to find out how Millennials shop online, what affluents think about the upcoming election, the type of healthcare baby boomers buy or get insights from any other target market, we can reach them and get your questions answered.

uTarget eNation covers most every target audience including but not limited to:

  • Political Influencers
  • Millennials
  • Teens
  • Homeowners
  • Online Shoppers
  • Registered Voters
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Mobile Device Users

It's fast

With our quick turnaround, you can submit final questionnaire by noon EST any business day. Results are available depending on your specific target group and number of respondents needed. Please ask for details on data delivery.

It's affordable

Because you share the cost of fielding with other clients on the same survey, our online omnibus is an ideal way to field short or low incidence studies. uTarget eNation offers targeted audience research at a fraction of the time and cost of custom research. Pricing is based on specifics of the study so please call for details. Discounts are available for multiple waves or tracking surveys.

Who uses the Ipsos uTarget eNation U.S. Omnibus survey and why?

Consumer product companies, government and not-for-profit organizations use the Ipsos uTarget eNation US Omnibus survey to:

  • Measure market share, issue awareness and action
  • Profile target segments and customer relationships
  • Study attitudes, usage and brand positioning

How do I receive my data?

Clients receive detailed data tables with responses to their questions broken down by key regional and demographic variables such as age, gender, region and household income. Custom banners are also available — please ask us for pricing and possibilities.

How is the information collected?

Data are collected through random sampling of our 600,000+ member online panel and the Ampario sample source.

  • The Ipsos online panel is recruited and maintained utilizing double and triple opt-in screening processes to ensure maximum return from an engaged and representative audience. The panel is updated regularly and non-responders are removed.
  • Ampario sample suppliers are rigorously vetted during a 30-day trial period to ensure quality of respondents. Multiple sources contribute to Ampario sample — social media and communities, reward and loyalty programs, ad networks, ad-hoc panel, and others.
  • Both the survey invitation list and the returned data are weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the U.S. adult population.