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Public Affairs

Media and Opinion Polling

Over the past two decades, we have built our brand to mean accuracy, truth, and insight.

We work with all types of organisation, or their media or PR firms to design polls that represent the voice of consumers, citizens, employees, businesses, elites, stakeholders, and other defined groups on a local, national or international basis. 

We conduct, package, and release polling results for our clients to use in the public domain. Our teams can assist with media relations and helping to generate earned media in partnership with our clients.

We provide our clients with methodologically sound, reliable and defensible results that may be used to:

  • Showcase your expertise, tell a story, or promote your cause via a press release;
  • Support materials and handouts for press conferences or other events;
  • Bolster collateral such as brochures, ads, speeches, annual reports, op-ed articles, blog missives, micro-sites or positioning statements;
  • Support or oppose an issue for government hearings, white papers, submissions, briefings or demonstrations;
  • Reinforce claims of “most trusted,” “most used,” and “most respected.”