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Program Evaluation Research

Managing expectations and providing accountability through evidence based research.

Organizations derive the greatest value from evaluations focused on continuous improvement, rather than a point-in-time measure of performance. For continuous improvement, evaluation and program delivery must be tightly integrated and yet independent. A collaborative partnership with skilled evaluators is crucial.

Proving Program Success

Designing and implementing programs are key activities of governments and not-for-profit organizations. For organizations that fund or deliver programs, a program must not only be well managed but must also bring about better outcomes than could be achieved by allocating funding elsewhere. This makes performance monitoring and evaluation crucial.

As citizens are becoming more "outcome focused" in how they view government performance, governments are moving towards evidence-based policy making.

Ipsos sees this happening at all levels from municipal government, through to provincial and federal governments and internationally.
Our clients need the best evidence and information possible in order to make the best policy choices. This means considering the whole 'lifecycle' of policy — from policy development through to implementation and evaluation.

About our Program Evaluation Practice

Our extensive experience of working with government and not-for-profit organizations allows us to draw on the sector-specific expertise and research techniques required to deliver successful program evaluations.

We work flexibly with clients, providing tailored designs to suit the needs of each evaluation. We conduct elements of an evaluation, or carry out the evaluation from "end to end," depending on the requirements of a project.

We specialize in evaluation of policy and programs in health, community services, education and training, workforce, transport and other portfolios.

Working with Clients

Our staff bring experience of business and policy environments, coupled with highly developed research and consulting skills, to deliver evaluations that provide practical and strategic recommendations to policy and program funders and managers.

Just as programs are increasingly delivered through partnerships and collaborations, so too are evaluations. Some clients welcome the higher level of engagement and opportunities for two-way learning that result from having client team members as part of the evaluation team.


What We Do

We offer expertise in a range of evaluation methodologies including the following:

  • Community and stakeholder surveys (phone, online, paper, face-to-face) to understand experiences
  • Process and outcome evaluations that measure short and long-term outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Performance measurement frameworks and assistance with developing Key Performance Indicators to track over time
  • Performance measurement studies
  • Stakeholder Engagement and participatory research with the community and service users to capture the complexity of needs, satisfaction and experience through deliberative events, citizen's juries, Ideation Sessions, discussions on policy and budget-priority setting
  • Consultation with stakeholders to explore accountability, governance, implementation and communication
  • Reviews of program data to describe service characteristics, activity levels, unit costs and performance
  • Literature reviews to demonstrate the need for and appropriateness of a program
  • Model reviews (including academic and grey literature along with consultations) to review alternative delivery approaches and program designs in similar policy contexts to provide evidence informed recommendations
  • Case studies to bring together a range of evidence to provide a holistic review of a program in different locations, different models or at different points in time
  • Economic analysis to determine efficiency and benchmark unit costs


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