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I-Instant - Online Overnight Solutions

I-Instant is part of the Overnight approach solutions.

Client context

I-Instant is ideal to:

  • Explore or understand specific issues, usage, behavior, feelings…
  • Test a hypothesis, Screen alternative choices
  • Get input to develop consumer insights
  • Get spontaneous reactions to product, media etc.
  • Understand reactions to an event, a crisis…
  • Monitor competitor activity, and more…

National representative sample up to 500 interviews.

Up to 15 mobile friendly questions units asked among the Ipsos panelists (or high-quality preferred panel providers where Ipsos panels are not available).

It is currently available in 50+ countries. Europe, North Americas, Latin Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Results delivery
In 2 – 3 days

Delivering results
Within hours or days – depending on countries and needs.

Our Solutions

I-Instant results are available quicker than with traditional research methods thanks to efficient process and automation in place either at setup, fieldwork approach or at data delivery. This fast turnaround solution is facilitated by strong respondent’s engagement, adapted sample strategy overnight and device agnostic approach, leveraging the people in-always mobile connexion. 

Benefits when using I-Instant:

  • speed of turnaround with its overnight fields and device agnostic approach
  • ability to launch the field any day
  • field not shared with another client
  • choice in the sample size (up to 500) and definition (from 60% incidence rate according to country)
  • possibility to test visuals - if any, material to be provided one day in advance
  • assurance and confidence of delivery without worries.

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