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Ipsos has the resources and expertise to conduct mail or postal surveys on a substantial scale, dealing securely with large numbers of documents if required.

Client context

You need to have access to data in many different countries at the same time?
You want fast, cost-effective answers to your business questions?
You want to have reliable data provided by a neutral market research agency?


Our Solutions

Ipsos have an extensive experience of achieving good response rates with postal surveys which often require a long period of completion, such as a diary of TV viewing or shopping habits, information to be recorded at relevant points rather than relying on a recall approach in an interview.

Ipsos has a team dedicated to designing and delivering postal projects. Our researchers are supported by a postal administration team who co-ordinate the coding, editing, validation and scanning functions who, in the past year, have processed more than 4.5 million completed postal questionnaires.

Our in-house scanning facilities offer the latest scanning technology which ensures that all data is fully cleaned and verified via the in-built logic and validation programmes.

In addition, we have a team who are experts in the handling and processing of high profile and politically sensitive consultation responses from citizens, businesses and other stakeholders

Getting direct to other data collections, our team can easily tailor your research in conjunction with other offline or online methods.