User Experience

User Experience

Experiences matter. We help you deliver on your brand promise by aligning the user experience with user expectations, to create intuitive and memorable products that drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Client context

New technology trends provide the opportunity to deliver exceptional user experiences (UX). Product purchasing, loyalty, and even safety often hinge on the interactions of these experiences.

Your customers want seamless integration of features and functions across your products and services. We define, design, and map these key points of interaction to create product experiences that are meaningful, desirable and successful in the marketplace.

Our UX services complement and extend our market research with direct observation and measurement of how your customers experience your products and services. We ensure market research and UX insights are carried through into the design and implementation.

Our Solutions


We help you orchestrate compelling and consistent interactions across your ecosystem of products and services with a shared vision and alignment across the organization.

We provide the framework and roadmap to guide the experience design of new products and services. We build alignment and collaborate with stakeholders via interactive workshops. We research to understand environments, users, needs, and tasks then generate design tools such as personas, design principles, and experience maps to inform and guide product, service, and experience design.


Rather than spread your investments across an entire multi-channel experience, we help you focus your resources on the non-performing touch points that really matter to customers, giving you a better return on your investment.

We visualize existing customer experiences across all touch points and prioritize where to focus improvement efforts and resources. Using both user experience and market research methods, we visually map existing experiences, prioritize which improvements would have the most impact, and detail how to fix them.

Design & Evaluation

Involving users throughout the creative process ensures the experience matches what the user needs, wants, and expects. It reduces the risk of product failure by identifying UX issues early in the design process to mitigate costly, late-stage changes.

We create experiences including software interfaces, websites, mobile apps, physical products, voice menus, and more. Our interaction and visual designers work together to produce sketches, wireframes, visual designs, prototypes, and other artifacts to define the user experience.

Keep Users at the Heart of Design

Applying UX methodologies to the product lifecycle results in efficient, effective, and satisfying experiences for your customers.

Our team of experts stand ready to assist. Using proven processes, best practices, and applicable guidance/regulations, we can provide a customized, flexible approach to meet your individual needs and requirements.

We are committed to being an integral part of your team with integrity, curiosity, and collaboration.

A Global Team

With more than 200 UX experts, we are the largest UX group in the world. We provide a global platform to scale projects simultaneously and consistently, reducing the overall time needed to run sessions. Our local experts provide a wealth of local knowledge to ensure your designs accommodate regional and cultural differences.

UX Labs

Our custom-built UX labs are standardized to deliver consistent quality in key markets. When testing outside the lab, our unmatched mobile labs create environments that mimic real life, resulting in better data.

Experience with a Wide Range of Methods


  • Expert review/heuristic evaluation
  • Ethnography and naturalistic observation
  • Discovery, ideation and design workshops


  • User stories, use-cases and task mapping
  • Information architecture, prototyping, and visual design
  • Style guides and design specifications
  • Instructions for Use (IFU) and training


  • Usability preference testing
  • Human factors product assessment
  • Formative and summative evaluation testing