Bringing Life to life: Ipsos UU

Bringing Life to life


With 1000 world-class researchers in over 80 countries, Ipsos UU is the world’s leading qualitative community, with the biggest share of insights. Always striving to bring Life to life, at Ipsos UU we love the power of context to explore real people in real life. Ipsos UU is founded on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and built for change.

Ethnography Ethnography is a qualitative research technique based on observation. It means that we spend extended periods of time and immerse with people to understand what they say, what they do and how they do it. Read more
Social Intelligence Social Intelligence, aka Social “Listening,” is a term used to describe the analysis of social media data. It delivers insights that drive strategic decisions and performance, from consumer expression and behaviors found in social media, search and other online data. Read more
Communities Communities enable collaborative environments for brands to interact with people in real-time. They help you build insights, drive innovation and gain influence by accessing on-tap audiences eager to provide input that will have an impact. Read more
Curation Curation is an approach to integrate, distil and make sense of all available data to answer your business questions in a way that creates impact. Read more
Activation Workshops Activation workshops are interactive sessions that Ipsos conduct with you and that help you turn insights into action and connect to business outcomes. Read more
Mobile Applife is Ipsos proprietary app using mobile for qualitative research. Read more