[WEBINAR] CXPA: The Five Forces of Customer Experience

Customers make decisions about brands that directly impact the bottom line: share of spend, retention and advocacy and are all crucial outcomes that you need to enhance to create sustained revenue growth or brand loyalty. Ipsos has previously demonstrated that beyond the commonly-cited functional elements of customer experience (ease, speed, simplicity etc.), emotional attachment was key to driving customers’ brand choice and therefore an organization’s financial performance.

The CXPA is hosting a webinar featuring Ipsos’ Chief Research Officer, Jean-François Damais, who will reveal the findings of our latest groundbreaking research identifying the five building blocks of an emotional customer-brand connection and how they vary in importance by sector. Learn how to engage your customers around the ‘Five Forces of CX – the science of strong relationships’ to forge stronger emotional relationships, deliver customer experiences that drive a true return and provide a lasting competitive advantage.

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Speakers :

  • Jean-François Damais, Global Chief Research Officer, Customer Experience

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