[WEBINAR] The future with AI in healthcare market research

We hear a lot of claims about Artificial Intelligence – some say AI will replace our jobs and some say AI is a passing fad. Both extremes don’t give it enough credit. AI is a useful tool, but is not limitless. In the world of healthcare market research, AI unlocks new opportunities that haven’t been possible with traditional methods. But, AI is not appropriate for all aspects of market research. It is important to be aware of when to use AI, and also when the machine should stop and the human should take over.

Listen to our webinar and learn as Ipsos’ Innovation and Connected Health experts discuss how AI can help us achieve more with market research, and outline what we need to know in order to get the most out of AI.

Specifically, the session covers:

  • AI’s role in unlocking the research opportunity in unstructured data
  • Real case studies of applying AI to market research: We will share current applications including text analytics and data integration, as well as applications that will be coming our way in the future
  • Pointers on preparing to your insights team to be ready for AI as well as to go a step further to achieve “Augmented Intelligence”

Discover specific ways AI allows you to decode the meaning of unstructured data and leverage user-generated content. Better understand the power of mining unstructured data including text, image and video-based content.

Speakers :

  • Whitney Wells, Digital & Innovation Lead, Healthcare, UK

  • Reena Sangar, Global Head of Connected Health, Ipsos

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