Join Ipsos’ Davide Baldo to learn more about how consumers mood and emotional responses impact ad effectiveness, thereby enhancing the value of neurometrics. Davide will use case studies to illustrate how the mood of the audience can influence consumers’ emotional responses to TV ads, and how their emotional responses impact memory encoding and the creation of new branded memories.

The Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Neuroscience (ISDN) brings together a range of constituencies involved in the use of neuroscience techniques to understand decision making: world-renowned academics, neuroscience research companies, marketing research executives, and industry leaders. During this conference, you will get an opportunity to mingle with and hear the latest breakthroughs in using neuro and physiological measures.

Friday, June 7 - 10:25AM

Davide Baldo | Enhancing the value of neurometrics

For more conference details, please visit the ISDN website.

Speakers :

  • Davide Baldo Global Science Organization, France

    Davide Baldo, Global R&D Lead, Experimental Research, Global Science Organization

Consumer & Shopper