Flair Collection

Flair Italy 2014 - Un Paese Senza Intermediari

Flair is in its fourth year. Our ambition again is to describe what has happened and form hypotheses on what might happen, seeking to read between the lines of our data and to discern what was not said in our interviews.

Flair France 2013 - Shocks And Sanctuaries

“No commitment” could have been the title for 2013; advertisers (and not just telecom operators) certainly presented that option, as though in response to consumers’ mobile, versatile attitude, and their increasingly rapid decision-making. “France 2013, shocks & sanctuaries” expresses the new…

Flair China 2012 - The Resolute Spirit Of The Loong

“China is a horse and the world, an idea” 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, a major symbol and myth within Chinese civilization that signifies strength and power – and how very apt this is.

Flair France 2012 - Society With No Regrets

Three high points, three stories, three perspectives and a specific angle: approaching research findings as symptoms whose analysis allows us to create a mapping of structuring, emerging trends.

Flair France 2011 - A Society Of "Extra-Lucids"

Launched in 2005, Ipsos Flair grew from a desire to combine the six types of expertise Ipsos offers (Marketing, Advertising, Media, Opinion, Customer Relations Management, Data Collection, Data Processing and Distribution), with a view to presenting a vision of society founded on an observation and…