Flair Collection

Flair China 2012 - The Resolute Spirit Of The Loong

“China is a horse and the world, an idea” 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, a major symbol and myth within Chinese civilization that signifies strength and power – and how very apt this is.

Flair France 2012 - Society With No Regrets

Three high points, three stories, three perspectives and a specific angle: approaching research findings as symptoms whose analysis allows us to create a mapping of structuring, emerging trends.

Flair France 2011 - A Society Of "Extra-Lucids"

Launched in 2005, Ipsos Flair grew from a desire to combine the six types of expertise Ipsos offers (Marketing, Advertising, Media, Opinion, Customer Relations Management, Data Collection, Data Processing and Distribution), with a view to presenting a vision of society founded on an observation and…