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Inspiring Better Healthcare


Ipsos Healthcare partners with pharmaceutical, bio-tech and medical device manufacturers to inspire better healthcare. Operating in over 40 countries, our 700+ experts support key business decisions for clients throughout the commercial lifecycle, from early-stage strategy, to launch, to performance optimisation.

Integrated Frameworks Rather than siloed solutions, today’s healthcare clients need holistic approaches that combine global therapeutic expertise, local healthcare market knowledge and research excellence. Our 4 Integrated Frameworks – Commercial Strategy, Launch Excellence, Performance Optimisation & Patient Journey – bring the best of Ipsos to guide our clients at each stage of the pharma product lifecycle. Watch our videos to find out more. Read more
Therapeutic Expertise The shifting sands of the global healthcare market mean that therapeutic expertise – both at local and global levels – has never been more important. To this end, Ipsos has created Global Centres of Excellence in our key disease areas of focus: Oncology; Autoimmune, Virology, Liver Diseases & Vaccines; Diabetes; and Rare Diseases. These CoEs serve to integrate and develop our expertise and make it available to clients around the world. Read more
Real World Evidence Recent years have seen the proliferation of Real World Evidence (RWE), both in availability and importance. As early pioneers in this space, Ipsos has been running the syndicated Global Therapy Monitors (the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of syndicated prescribing data) for over 25 years. Our RWE portfolio also includes other specialist syndicated services, and analysis and strategic consulting from our Global Evidence, Value & Access experts. Read more
Differentiated Knowledge Today’s healthcare clients are faced with shrinking budgets, increased regulation, unprecedented rigour around proof of value, a proliferation of data sources, and many more factors that add up to one thing: a more complex environment than ever before. Accordingly, Ipsos has brought together healthcare expertise and consumer innovations to help our clients navigate the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.
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