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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Ethnography

Ethnography is a qualitative research method derived from the fieldwork practices of anthropology. It is often characterised by its emphasis on spending extended periods of time with people or groups of people to generate/create a holistic picture of cultural practices.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

EFM stands for Enterprise Feedback Management. Leaders are constantly seeking new ways to drive customer-centricity throughout their organisations.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Evaluation

An evaluation is a systematic collection and analysis of data in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a project, programme or policy.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Exploratory Research

Exploratory research refers to research that is initiated to learn and explore a topic – this can be bout a category, market, segments or even for opportunities. As such exploratory research sits firmly in the qualitative research domain – being one of the raison d'etre for qualitative…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Emotions

Emotions are physiological reactions to a stimulus.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Effective Reach

​Reach is expressed as the number or percentage of a target audience (households or individuals) exposed to a piece of content (programme, article or advertising message for example).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Experimental Design

Experimental Design is generally understood in two different senses, a broader one and a more narrow one.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Engagement

Engagement is defined by absorption or immersion into the sitauation we attend to.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Effective CPM

Effective CPM refers to the effective cost per thousand impressions generated by a digital media campaign (where "thousand" is represented by the Latin 'mille').

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Emotional Measures

Understanding emotional response is a critical dimension to assessing the strength and effectiveness of all types of marketing elements from concepts to advertising, product experience, fragrance, packaging and promotion of all kinds.