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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Luxury

The broad definition of Luxury when applied to a good is "an inessential, desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain" (Oxford Dictionary). Our narrower definition applies to the products or services of specific industries.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Length of Interview (LOI)

Length Of Interview (LOI) is the time it takes a respondent to complete a research experience, from the time the respondent first starts the experience to when they finish the experience.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Loyalty Research

Research conducted to measure customer loyalty and understand how to improve it.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Likert Scale

The sum of responses on several Likert items.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Linear Regression Analysis

​When we measure two or more variables, and we like to be able to express more precisely the nature of relationships between these variables. We come to subjects of regression and correlation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Laboratory Test Market

A simulated marketplace situation designed to expose customers or potential consumer bases to advertising or new products in a controlled, experimental setting.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Laddering

Laddering is a technique used in qualitative research to understand the link from product attributes in a brand, to the advantages it offers to the consumer and finally the end emotional benefits derived from these advantages .

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Loss Aversion

​One of many irrational behavioural tendencies explained by, loss aversion refers to people's demonstrated preference for avoiding losses over acquiring equal or greater gains.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Logit Model

​A logit model is a regression type model where the response variable, or dependent variable, is a categorical variable taking on only discrete values with no particular order.