Ipsos Encyclopedia

What Worries Japan

Looking at Ipsos’ “What Worries the World?” survey findings, a briefing from the Ipsos Japan team dives into the top concerns reported by the Japanese population.

Corporate Reputation: The key questions answered

How to unlock the value of reputation for businesses.

The Future of ageing

Global study finds high levels of concern about ageing and paints a negative picture for later life.

Be bold, be creative, do research!

How early communication research enables marketers to make more creative, bolder advertising…faster.

Does your media plan maximize value, or just cut costs?

Does your media plan maximize value, or just cut costs? We share seven tips to optimize your budget.

Ipsos Update – February 2019

February’s Ipsos Update presents our latest research on global predictions for 2019, personal data and childhood obesity. We also showcase new white papers on sustainable packaging, ‘lead users’ and China’s affluent consumers.

The third moment of truth: Why sustainable packaging became a corporate necessity

As environmental attitudes and consumer shopping habits change, packaging offers rewards for brands who demonstrate leadership on sustainability

Should Brands Try to Change the World?

As more and more brands take on social issues, acceptance of short-term backlash, particularly through social media, will be par for the course

Country Briefings: China’s Affluent Consumers

Chinese consumers account for about one-third of the world’s total spending on luxury, but this is expected to increase to 44% by 2025.

Introducing the New Era of Lead User Innovation

A Big Data method using leading consumer insights to innovate more quickly, efficiently and effectively.