Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Radio Audience Measurement

Audience measurement measures how many people are in an audience within a given market. Radio Audience measurement specifically relates to radio listenership.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Random Probability Sampling

A random probability sample is the "gold" standard of survey research.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Reconvened Group Discussion

​Reconvened Group Discussion refers to groups that are conducted with the same set of respondents across 2 separate sessions.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Research Design

A research design is the "blue print" of a study.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Respondent Fatigue

During a research project respondents can lose interest or be disinclined to continue.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Reach

Reach - also known as 'coverage'- is expressed as the percentage of an audience (households or individuals) with an opportunity to see a piece of content (programming, editorial or advertising) delivered by a medium.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Random Error

Random Error is an error that affects measurements or potentially skews the data in an unpredictable way that cannot be recreated or controlled for.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Reputation

Reputation is the sum total of perceptions about a company or other organisation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Relevance

Relevance is defined as 'the extent to which a product (or a brand) meets the consumer needs, functional and emotional'.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Repertoire

Repertoire refers to the range of different brands/products purchased and used by consumers for a pre-defined category.