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Ipsos Encyclopedia - UX Research

The most common definition of UX is the aggregation of user experience. It is also known as user research or usability.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Univariate Techniques

Univariate techniques refer to the statistical analysis when only one variable is taken into account at a time.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Usage & Attitude Surveys (U&A)

​A usage and attitude (U&A) study involves research which aims to 'understand a market' and identify growth opportunities by answering questions on whom to target, with what and how.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Unique User

A unique user, or "unique," is an individual user of digital media, or, more correctly, an individual browser or device, that has accessed or visited a specific media property, such as a web sites or app, or been exposed to some specific digital content, such as an ad, social media feed,…