Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Virtual Shopping Test

Virtual Shopping Test. is a research technique that is used to recreate/simulate a specific retail environment or situation in order to gain shopper insights.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) provides a computer-generated 3D environment that surrounds a user and responds to that individual's actions in a natural way, usually through immersive head-mounted displays and head tracking.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Valence

​Valence categorises a stimulus (event, object or situation) based on the degree by which it is intrinsically attractive (positive valence) or aversive (negative valence).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Voice Pitch Analysis

​A technique that measures variations in the frequency of the human voice.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Viewable Impression (aka "Viewability")

A term used to describe whether or not a digital media ever appeared in the space within a webpage that was in view to the viewer.