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Ipsos Encyclopedia - COM-B

COM-B is a 'behaviour system' involving three essential conditions: capability, opportunity, and motivation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Communities

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) are a respected research tool for a variety of different online qualitative and quantitative research engagements with a defined audience. Communities originated as an approach for engagement, advocacy and marketing.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Category Management

Category management is a retailing and purchasing concept in which the range of products sold by a retailer is broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Car Clinic

A car Clinic is a research protocol, specific to the Automotive industry, including generally both qualitative and quantitative phases.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Causal Modelling / Path Analysis

Causal modeling is a way of testing causal relations between variables.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Connected Health

Healthcare systems are under increasing pressure to reduce costs while improving patient outcomes and, in response, the healthcare industry is moving towards a range of value-added services described as "beyond the pill".

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Correspondence Mapping

A correspondence map is the common outcome of a Correspondence Analysis, where the proximity of variables is a measure of association.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Cognitive Testing

Cognitive testing is a technique used to test and improve survey questions. During a cognitive interview survey questions are administered and participants are asked about the cognitive processes they go through in answering those questions to uncover problems with those questions and to make…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Experience Management

​Customer Experience Management is the practice of actively, consistently, and comprehensively managing the perceptions customers have of experiences relating to an organisation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Journey Mapping

​Customer Journey Mapping is the process of graphically diagramming components or mapping comprehensively the journey or journeys customers take as they interact with organisations, whether those interactions are marketing communications, products, service experiences, or any combination (…