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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Face to Face Interview

Face-to-face data collection is often abbreviated to F2F.  The interviewing methodology by which interviewers interview respondents, or sometime recruit participants, in-person, with a computer (CAPI).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Feelings

Feelings is the conscious or subjective experience of emotion, its "mental and private experience". Psychology makes distinctions between affective reactions: Emotion, feelings and mood.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Focus Group

Type of qualitative research that consists of structured discussion of a particular topic with a small number of selected participants (usually 5-9) (8 to 10 in the US).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Fieldwork

The collection of answers to a set of questions, conducted via any interviewing method.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Folder Test

A test procedure for print advertising in which test material is placed in a folder with other ad pages, and sometimes editorial content.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Factorial Design

Factorial Design is a type of statistical experimental design where units are assigned to groups that represent all possible combinations of the independent variables of interest (Esomar).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Facial Coding

Facial Coding uses automated software and webcam capture and has become one of the most relied upon methods for quantifying emotional response to ads and digital videos used in market research.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Facial Action Coding System (FACS)

​A universal system for identifying emotion based upon measurements that code human facial movements using slight, instant changes in facial expressions .