Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Herd Behaviour

Herd behaviour refers to the behaviour of individuals within the group.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - High Net Worth Individual

While there is no formal definition of "high net worth individual," it is most typically used to describe individuals with $5 million USD or more in net worth – in the US, this group is roughly the top 1% in terms of net worth.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Halo Effect

Our overall impression of a person, company, brand or product influences our feelings and thoughts about their entire character or properties.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Habit

In the COM-B framework, habits fall under 'Motivation' as an automatic processes.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Hedonic Scale

Hedonic Scale is a scale that indicates the extent of respondents' overall liking or disliking for something, e.g. a product they tasted or a concept they viewed (Esomar).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Hierarchy of effects model

​This is/was a popular theoretical model for how advertising (and marketing) works.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Heat and Opacity Maps

​A heat map is a graphical representation of data where individual values are represented as colours.