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Ipsos Encyclopedia - In-Store Observation

In-Store Observation is a research technique that is used to gain insights from shoppers in a retail environment.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Interlocking Quotas

Where the number of interviews required in the completed survey is in cells with more than one characteristic. A cell is a group of people with specific characteristics, such as a certain number of people of an age and gender.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Ikea Effect

People often over-value the things they have personally created because of the effort invested.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - In-Store Intercept

In-Store Intercept is a research technique that is used to gain insights from shoppers in a retail environment. It involves talking to shoppers at the moment of purchase (in-store) so hence the name intercept.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Independent Variable (aka Causal Variable)

An independent variable (also commonly referred to as a 'predictor variable', an 'explanatory variable', an 'input variable', or a 'regressor') is a type of variable used in statistical modelling, the other type being a dependent variable (also commonly…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Independent Samples

​Measurements made on two different sets of random items (respondents, cases) as part of testing a hypothesis.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - In the Moment Research

In the moment research is the collection of survey information at the moment in which the consumer experience surveyed occurs.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - In-Home Use Test

​In-Home Use Test (IHUT) (aka Extended Use Test or Product Placement Test): with reference to product testing, a study conducted to evaluate the use and performance of a product in a setting more consistent with how the product might normally be used by consumers, i.e., in the home.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Implicit Association Test

A way to measure unconscious reasoning, or System 1 thinking, by measuring reaction times of respondent answers to test stimuli or statements compared to a baseline.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Impression (aka View)

A single display of online content to a user's web-enabled device.