Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Product Development

Product Development is the innovation or continuous improvement of an existing product or the creation of an entirely new kind of product that satisfies the requirements of consumers.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Postal Surveys

A postal survey is a quantitative data collection method in which paper questionnaires are sent by post to potential participants, the paper questionnaires are completed by the participants themselves (i.e. self-administered), and returned by post to the survey organisation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Patient Journey Research

Patient Journey Research: the patient journey refers to the sequence of stages undertaken by any given patient: origination; evaluation/diagnosis; treatment choice/preferences; fulfilment; and compliance/adherence.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Push-to-Web Surveys

Also known as “web-first” and “web-push” surveys. A push-to-web survey is a quantitative data collection method in which offline contact modes are used to encourage sample members to go online and complete a web questionnaire. This method is typically used when sampling frames do not include email…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Prompted Awareness

Prompted Awareness (aka Aided Awareness) is the percentage of respondents who claim to have seen something (eg a brand or an advert) after having been shown some form of stimulus material.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Projective Techniques

Aka Enabling Techniques - At the very heart of qualitative research, projective and enabling techniques bring alive the power of the craft through fun games and exercises.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Peoplemeter (aka Audimeter)

Peoplemeters electronically record who is watching TV and what they are watching.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Purchase Intentions

Purchase intent is one of the most long-standing and widely used measures in marketing research.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Product Optimisation

In a broad sense, 'product optimisation' is any kind of change that leads to increased consumer liking of a product. More specifically, product optimisation is a tool of Ipsos which has a precise definition.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Paired Comparison Scale

​A paired comparison scale is used to understand the preference of a respondent between two alternative products, concepts, i.e. stimuli.