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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Snowballing

Snowballing is a sampling technique where existing respondents recruit, refer or recommend others to take part in the research.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - System 1/ System 2

System 1 and system 2 have become some of the most widely used terms in market research as the industry seeks to integrate behavioural science into its practice. Whilst the principles of these terms are fairly simple, there are also some complexities associated with them that needs to be understood.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Statistical Significance

In statistics, when we say something is 'significant' we mean it is probably true and not due to chance. We might talk about whether two groups of people have significantly different levels of alcohol consumption, or whether a net promotor score has significantly increased year on year.…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence (often used interchangeably with "Social Listening," "Social Media Monitoring," or "Social Data Analysis"), is the process of monitoring and analysing digital conversations and media, with data captured from social media, blogs, news sites, forums,…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Survey Universe

The Survey Universe represents the entire group of units which is the focus of the study.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Social Advertising

Social advertising is any form of advertising that appears on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Weibo, Wechat, Vkontakte etc.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Survey Population

The survey population is elements of the Survey Universe that are contactable through the survey methodology.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Syndicated Research

Syndicated research projects always involve multiple clients.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Share of Wallet

Share-of-wallet (SOW) is the percentage of a customer's spend ("share") made in one provider's offerings as a total of spend in all provider's offerings in the cateogry ("of wallet").

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Simulator

​Simulators are used to run "what if scenarios" for delivering insights gained from these to our clients.