Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Tracking Study

Tracking is the generic term for studies that provide measurement over time to update knowledge of brand and competitor performances.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Type II Error (aka Beta Error)

A Type II Error is an error associated when concluding a null hypothesis is not false when in fact it is false.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Type I Error (aka Alpha Error)

​A Type I Error is an error associated when concluding a null hypothesis is false when in fact it is not false.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Thick Data

This term comes from a combination of 'big data' and 'thick description', an anthropological research methodology that documents not only human behaviour, but also the context of that behaviour.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Test vs Control Design

Test vs Control Design is a form of scientific control designed to minimise the effects of variables other than the variable(s) of interest.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Taste Test

Taste Test is where participants evaluate the taste of a product, either on its own or compared with other products.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Triangulation

The term triangulation is most often associated with applying different methodological approaches to study one phenomenon.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Touch Point

A touchpoint is any time a potential shopper or shopper comes in contact with your brand–before, during, or after they purchase something from a particular brand or category.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Transitional Ad

An ad that is displayed between Web pages.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Theatre Test

A Theatre Test is a Central Location Test procedure in which test material is presented to an audience in a theatre setting, typically to evaluate television advertising in the context of a TV program.