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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Advertising Tracking Research

Ad Tracking research refers to the concept of evaluating the in-market performance of advertising and the greater definition of 'marketing communications' and any brand touchpoints.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Advertising Awareness-Unaided

​The proportion of respondents who recall seeing advertising for a specific brand without prompting.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Accompanied Shopping

This is when a researcher accompanies a participant on a shopping trip.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Agent-based Modelling

Agent-based modelling (often shortened to ABM) is an analytic approach for simulating a marketplace (or other environment) by coding individual, autonomous decision-making units (called agents) that are programmed to make decisions, interact with each other, learn over time, and/or respond to…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Attitude

Attitude is a favourable or unfavourable evaluative reaction toward something or someone exhibited in ones beliefs, feelings, or intended behaviour.