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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Behavioural Measures

​Behavioural neuroscience seeks to understand behaviour through the direct measurement of brain function.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Blind Testing

Blind testing is a way to consumer test products or packages whereby consumers are unaware of the underlying brand which they are evaluating.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Brand Loyalty

​Loyalty is faithfulness and a devotion to a person, country, group, organisation, or cause and is the recognition of the specialness of a relationship which results in differential and more favourable treatment towards this relationship, the creation of a bond as the result of this relationship,…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Behavioural Loyalty

Behavioural loyalty is when a customer continues to buy/use a particular product, service or brand (at least as much as before).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Biometrics

The original technical definition of biometrics is an individual's distinct biological markers used for identification (e.g. for security reasons) such as finger prints, irises, face and voice recogniton.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Brand Blocking

Brand Blocking is a concept related to retail merchandising, store shelf layouts and planograms.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Brand Equity

The many definitions for Brand Equity cover similar ground.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Business-to-Business Interviews

The collection of answers to a set of questions, conducted via any interviewing method.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Branding

Branding acts as a heuristic - a kind of mental shortcut that enables people to make decisions quickly or intuitively.

Ipsos encyclopedia - Brand Proposition

​Simply put the promise that users derive from your brand.