Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Clutter Reels

Clutter Reels, used in copy testing, are pools of TV commercials (~5) that include the one(s) being tested.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Retention

Customer retention is what an organisation measures to understand and consequently reduce customer churn.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Concept / Product Optimisation

For the majority of new product launches (with the exception of durables), success relies on a strong repeat rate.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

This is the expected monetary value of a customer, over their lifetime, to a particular product/service/brand.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Copy Testing

Copy Testing is a general name for consumer research designed to evaluate or optimize ad content or creative execution.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Experience Optimisation

Customer Experience Optimisation: A company strategy/practice which seeks to maximise the utility of different channels of interaction between customers and the organisation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Closed Loop Feedback

Closed Loop Feedback or 'Closing the Loop' is when organisations enable their staff to contact a customer following a critical incident and take appropriate action.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Concept Testing

​A concept test is the stage in the product development process where a detailed description of a product (and its attributes and benefits) is presented to prospective customers or users, to assess their attitudes and intentions toward the product.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Relationship Studies

Customer Relationship studies assess all parts of the customer experience (cumulative experiences) to see what influences overall brand preference.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Crisis Management

Crisis Management is the handling of a situation or development that could severely damage the organisation, its reputation and its stakeholders.