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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Kolmogorov-Smirnov One Sample test

The One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test procedure compares the observed cumulative distribution function (CDF) for a variable with a specified theoretical distribution, which may be normal, uniform, Poisson, or exponential.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Triangular Product Test

The triangle test is a discriminative method with many uses in sensory science including.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Big Data

"Big Data" is a very broad term, used often - and for a variety of different purposes.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Text Mining

Text mining, sometimes referred to as text analytics, refers to the process of uncovering meaningful information from text.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Eye Tracking

​Eye Tracking is the method of measuring of eye movements as one looks at different kind of stimuli.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Repeat

Repeat is a combination of 3 parameters: 1st repeat rate, number of repeat per repeaters and quantity at repeat.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Random Digit Dialling

This sampling method to contact respondents via the telephone.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Dual Moderator Group

​A focus group where 2 qualified moderators facilitate the discussion together.