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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Decision Tree

​A decision tree is a way of visualizing a process like a tree which start at the top and iteratively making splits into nodes.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Binomial Test

The binomial test is a statistical test on a variable with two categories (such as yes or no) which tells you if observed percentages are significantly deviating from a theoretically expected (binomial) distribution (at a certain level of accuracy).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Qualitative Research

As Qualitative practitioners at Ipsos, we know that its purpose and value to marketers has been its ability to uncover fresh, unexpected and in depth learnings that help identify, create and maintain a distinct point of difference for their innovations and brand and communication propositions.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - System 1/ System 2

System 1 and system 2 have become some of the most widely used terms in market research as the industry seeks to integrate behavioural science into its practice. Whilst the principles of these terms are fairly simple, there are also some complexities associated with them that needs to be understood.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Behavioural Science

Behavioural science is a discipline that aims to explain, predict, and influence human behaviour. Whilst it is a multidisciplinary approach, it is typically associated with psychology - and therefore our mental processes.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Car Clinic

A car Clinic is a research protocol, specific to the Automotive industry, including generally both qualitative and quantitative phases.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Brand Salience

Brand Salience is the degree to which your brand is thought of or noticed. Strong brands have high Brand Salience and weak brands have little or none. Without brand salience people would not be choose your brand at the moment of truth.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Business to Business Research

Business-to-business research is where the participants are selected because of their job role in an organisation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is any form of advertising delivered to a mobile device. While this can include SMS, email etc. it's more typically thought of as advertising delivered in mobile web browsers or mobile apps.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Statistical Significance

In statistics, when we say something is 'significant' we mean it is probably true and not due to chance. We might talk about whether two groups of people have significantly different levels of alcohol consumption, or whether a net promotor score has significantly increased year on year.…