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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Questionnaire

Simply put, a "questionnaire" is a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers, devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study. In the research industry, it is often the core document for development and refinement, which contains questions designed to answer…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Length of Interview (LOI)

Length Of Interview (LOI) is the time it takes a respondent to complete a research experience, from the time the respondent first starts the experience to when they finish the experience.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Focus Group

Type of qualitative research that consists of structured discussion of a particular topic with a small number of selected participants (usually 5-9) (8 to 10 in the US).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Emotions

Emotions are physiological reactions to a stimulus.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Loyalty Research

Research conducted to measure customer loyalty and understand how to improve it.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Independent Variable (aka Causal Variable)

An independent variable (also commonly referred to as a 'predictor variable', an 'explanatory variable', an 'input variable', or a 'regressor') is a type of variable used in statistical modelling, the other type being a dependent variable (also commonly…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Prompted Awareness

Prompted Awareness (aka Aided Awareness) is the percentage of respondents who claim to have seen something (eg a brand or an advert) after having been shown some form of stimulus material.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Ad Blocking

An ad blocker is a piece of software that usually comes as a browser extension or an app which can be downloaded by consumers in order to remove ads. Users choose to use them for a variety of reasons, including that they feel their online experience is interrupted by ads that blink, flash,…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Neurometrics

Neurometrics is a hybrid term developed over recent years in usage among practitioners of neuroscientific based market research to refer to the general category of nonconscious methods used to gauge response to all types of marketing elements such as advertising, packaging, product, etc.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Univariate Techniques

Univariate techniques refer to the statistical analysis when only one variable is taken into account at a time.