Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Online Discussion Group (aka Virtual Group)

An Online Discussion Group is a group of individuals with similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Key Driver Analysis

​A Key Driver Analysis, sometimes known as an Importance - Performance analysis, is a study of the relationships among many factors to identify the most important ones both in terms of importance (Drivers Analysis) and their stated performance.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Type II Error (aka Beta Error)

A Type II Error is an error associated when concluding a null hypothesis is not false when in fact it is false.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Awareness

This is the first step in the contact with a new idea, product or service in which the consumer (or client) have already received information about the existence of an innovation, but a formal and complete opinion has not been created yet.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Independent Samples

​Measurements made on two different sets of random items (respondents, cases) as part of testing a hypothesis.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Type I Error (aka Alpha Error)

​A Type I Error is an error associated when concluding a null hypothesis is false when in fact it is not false.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Experience Management

​Customer Experience Management is the practice of actively, consistently, and comprehensively managing the perceptions customers have of experiences relating to an organisation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Journey Mapping

​Customer Journey Mapping is the process of graphically diagramming components or mapping comprehensively the journey or journeys customers take as they interact with organisations, whether those interactions are marketing communications, products, service experiences, or any combination (…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Projective Techniques

Aka Enabling Techniques - At the very heart of qualitative research, projective and enabling techniques bring alive the power of the craft through fun games and exercises.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Fieldwork

The collection of answers to a set of questions, conducted via any interviewing method.