Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Reconvened Group Discussion

​Reconvened Group Discussion refers to groups that are conducted with the same set of respondents across 2 separate sessions.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Data Collection Instrument

​The tool(s) or software that are used to collect the answers given by respondents in such a way that they can be analysed.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Nested Sample (aka Multi-Stage Sample)

Nested Sample or Multi-Stage Sample is a sample that is selected in stages, where the sampling units at each stage are sub-samples from the previous stage (e.g., first males, then ages 18-24).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Valence

​Valence categorises a stimulus (event, object or situation) based on the degree by which it is intrinsically attractive (positive valence) or aversive (negative valence).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Clutter Reels

Clutter Reels, used in copy testing, are pools of TV commercials (~5) that include the one(s) being tested.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Retention

Customer retention is what an organisation measures to understand and consequently reduce customer churn.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Thick Data

This term comes from a combination of 'big data' and 'thick description', an anthropological research methodology that documents not only human behaviour, but also the context of that behaviour.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Nominal Scale (aka Classified Scale)

Noun (statistics) a discrete classification of data, in which data are neither measured nor ordered but subjects are merely allocated to distinct categories.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Test vs Control Design

Test vs Control Design is a form of scientific control designed to minimise the effects of variables other than the variable(s) of interest.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Peoplemeter (aka Audimeter)

Peoplemeters electronically record who is watching TV and what they are watching.