Ipsos Global Consumer Confidence Index

Each month, Ipsos tracks attitudes of consumers in 29 markets on the current and future state of their local economy, their personal financial situation, the employment climate, and their purchasing and investing confidence.

Ipsos’s consumer confidence metrics are based on data from a monthly survey of more than 21,000 adults in 29 markets conducted on Ipsos’s Global Advisor online survey platform and, in India, on its IndiaBus platform. They are first reported each month by Refinitiv as the Primary Consumer Sentiment Index (PCSI).

Metrics include a “National” Index or “Overall” as well as four sub-indices, each indicative of a subset of areas.

  • Current Index: Current personal financial situation, local economy, purchasing and investing confidence, and job security
  • Expectations Index: Future personal financial, local economy, and employment situation
  • Investment Index:  Purchasing and investing confidence and personal financial situation
  • Jobs Index: Job security confidence, job loss experience, and employment outlook

The Global Consumer Confidence Index is the average of each of surveyed countries’ Overall or “National” index.”

The latest consumer trends at a glance

Top five countries in consumer optimism in December 2023

  • India - 64.3
  • Indonesia - 63.9
  • Mexico - 60.0
  • Thailand - 58.1
  • Singapore - 57.5

Key consumer confidence trends for November 2023

The latest figures show that the Global Consumer Confidence Index currently reads at 47.7, up 0.5 points since November. It is the first significant change in seven months.

If we exclude the nine new countries, the index would indicate a reading of 45.5.

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