The Ipsos MORI Election 2019 Podcast

In our 2019 General Election podcast series, Keiran Pedley and guests analyse the polls and election campaign activity and ask: Who's up? And who's down? And what should we be looking out for in the next week?

General Election 2019 | Ipsos MORI

On the first ever episode of the Ipsos MORI elections podcast, Keiran Pedley is joined by Katy Balls of The Spectator and Ryan Shorthouse of the independent conservative think tank Bright Blue. The crew discuss what’s happened in the first week of the  2019 General Election campaign, including the potential impact of the Brexit Party’s decision not to stand in Conservative-held seats. Elsewhere in the show, Keiran introduces some Ipsos MORI polling on the key issues on voters’ minds heading into the election, whilst Katy and Ryan discuss how nervous the Conservatives should be about their prospects of staying in office and what to look out for in the upcoming debates (and elsewhere on the campaign trail).
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