Ipsos Views

Pictures speak louder than words: Towards a new understanding of brand choice

Using metaphor elicitation to gain a truer consumer-centric measure of influence.

Dancing with Duality

Achieving brand growth in a mindful and mindless world.

A little happiness goes a long way: How to grow a premium brand during a recession

It may be natural to think premium brands do badly during a downturn, but premium brands viewed as affordable indulgences can do better in a recession.

Customer needs in times of crisis

Lessons and challenges from the automotive industry.

Mystery Calling: Dialling up your contact centre performance

Discover how a well-designed mystery calling programme can drive loyalty and profits in this new Ipsos Views paper.

The Forces of Customer Experience

The science of strong relationships in challenging times.

Staying close to your customers

Why customer experience still matters amid COVID-19 and social distancing.

The evolution of shopper behaviour in 2020

In this changing world, retailers need to adapt to remain relevant and competitive.

Black Friday: Still the superhero of the shopper’s year?

Looking ahead to Black Friday, which falls on November 29th this year, our new white paper takes us on a tour of the history of the prominent shopping event, setting out new challenges and how retailers can overcome them, as well as thoughts on the future of Black Friday.

Can financial services tackle health and wellness?

As consumers are looking beyond the traditional markets to address their health and wellness needs, there are opportunities for financial services companies to help people improve their holistic well-being.