Ipsos Views

Pictures speak louder than words: Towards a new understanding of brand choice

Using metaphor elicitation to gain a truer consumer-centric measure of influence.

Bigger innovations need bigger data

Using consumer “signals” to identify new Innovation Spaces.

Clean, green and affordable: Striking a balance between sustainability, hygiene and value in packaging

In a COVID-19 world, companies that can balance sustainability, hygiene and value will build long-term reputational equity and greater chance of success.

Forecasting in challenging times

Considerations and actions before, during and after coronavirus.

Innovating in challenging times: Research during COVID-19

Doing research during a crisis allows businesses to better predict and prepare for what to do next.

Speed dating with innovations: What’s your innovation’s pick-up line?

This white paper explains how the communication of innovation has changed drastically and how consumers have adapted to this new reality.

Is your innovation research on its best behaviour?

This white paper fights back at the criticism of surveys, showing how they can measure behaviour and predict an innovation’s success.

Decoding the lead user innovation landscape

How to get ahead of the curve with consumer-led product innovations.