Ipsos Views

A matter of fact?

Practical steps for making Big Data work.

The role of culture in a global crisis

Shared values shape individual behaviour, and this is even more evident during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mixed Mode Research: Reaching the right people in the right way to get the data you need

An introduction to designing participant-centric, efficient and future-proof research with greater survey coverage.

Customer needs in times of crisis

Lessons and challenges from the automotive industry.

Mystery Calling: Dialling up your contact centre performance

Discover how a well-designed mystery calling programme can drive loyalty and profits in this new Ipsos Views paper.

Forecasting in challenging times

Considerations and actions before, during and after coronavirus.

The Forces of Customer Experience

The science of strong relationships in challenging times.

Keeping the show on the road

How to adapt audience measurement methods in times of crisis.

Brand rituals in a low-touch world

What’s next for brands during the COVID-19 pandemic?