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Ipsos Connect specialises in measuring and amplifying how media, brands and people connect through compelling content, great communication and relevant media planning so that clients can build great campaigns, that impact brand success both through sales and boosting brand relationships, and great content to attract audiences and deliver economic value for media owners and advertisers alike. Our solutions put people at the heart of strategy for media and advertisers.

Audience & Platform Measurement and Understanding As a global leader in audience measurement, we provide critical information for advertisers needing to target their messages, to media owners pricing their advertising inventory and to the agencies that plan and buy media on behalf of advertisers. Read more
Plan and Create Content and Communications Great content and campaigns start with ideas that resonate. Whether you are creating a big idea to guide your multi-touchpoint campaign and content or planning the most effective media strategy to reach the right audience against your core campaign objectives, Ipsos Connect provides you with the insights to do it better. Read more
Test your Content and Communications to Refine and Optimise before Launch Today there are many ways to develop and deliver different executions to attract and influence people, reinforcing or disrupting the way they think about and choose your brands. Ipsos Connect provides a range of validated, market-leading solutions to develop, optimise and assess the propensity of your creative, content or campaigns for in-market success. Read more
Measure In-Market Performance to Manage your Brands Brands do not exist in a vacuum. The consumer and competitive landscape are in constant flux which impacts how well brands and their brand communications perform. Management has ready access to more metrics than ever before; but the key is to integrate all of this knowledge to know how to set the appropriate strategy for the future brand growth. Read more