[WEBINAR] How Americans are Recalibrating for the COVID Marathon

As we hit the 6-month mark of COVID-19 lockdowns, Americans find themselves in an ongoing loop of adjustment and acclimation with no clear end in sight. Many are establishing or settling into new routines in order to cope with the longevity of the crisis and to regain some semblance of social, emotional, and financial well-being, despite the ongoing challenges presented with the pandemic.

In this complimentary webinar, we will take a look at some of these shifting routines and behaviors through the lens of current social conversations and feedback from our online U.S. consumer community, including implications for brands and opportunities to help.

Key topics we will cover include:

  • How consumer perceptions and outlook have evolved from the beginning of summer as we look forward to fall and the holiday season
  • What people are doing to maintain a sense of well-being as the pandemic wears on, including insights around self-care, parenting and back-to-school, healthy eating, and fall and winter activity planning
  • What consumers expect from brands in terms of messaging and innovation moving into the last few months of 2020

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Speakers :

  • Menaka Gopinath, President, Ipsos Social Media Exchange, NA

  • Jennifer Torgersen, Director, Ipsos Social Media Exchange, NA

  • Jordan Massa, Director, Ipsos Social Intelligence Analytics, NA