[WEBINAR] Change is Constant: Understanding Users is Key to Staying Relevant

In moving much of the world online to work, learn, and socialize, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed pain points in the user experience. It has also clarified opportunities for innovation. Join us for a complimentary webinar as we use online dating as a lens to discusses how companies can respond to unexpected change and evolving social norms while keeping up with digital trends and user expectations.

During this webinar, we will discuss how:

  • We used digital ethnography to explore the online dating landscape and how users are adapting to emerging social trends and the new normal of social distancing.  
  • Continuous foundational research is key to staying relevant and gaining competitive advantage 
  • Inclusive and equitable design maintain engagement with a technology platform
  • Design can address the mix of rational and emotional needs that influence interactions

This webinar will:

  • Demonstrate how to tackle big, exploratory research questions to better understand long-term product design objectives as well as opportunities for future innovation.
  • Provide actionable lessons on using UX to anticipate what’s next and how to pivot around the inevitable roadblock
  • Highlight how Big societal trends translate to user needs such as adaptive features and functionality

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Speakers :

  • Daniel Delaney, Senior Research Director, US, User Experience

  • Megan Machamer , Director, US, User Experience

  • Amanda Weller, Senior Research Director, Ipsos-Insight