Predictive Analytics: Ipsos MMA

Predictive Analytics


Ipsos MMA (Marketing Management Analytics) helps companies measure and improve business and marketing performance through integrated analytics, actionable insights and expert advice producing billions of dollars in incremental value for them.

Commercial Effectiveness (Marketing Mix Modelling & ROI) The effectiveness and ROI of each marketing channel (on and offline) is influenced by so many elements and they all interact with each other. How can you optimize their impact when measuring in a silo? Ipsos MMA’s holistic approach to Commercial Effectiveness works because it includes data to represents marketing as well as operational drivers and external influencers. Read more
MTA/Multi Touch Attribution Ipsos MMA’s proven approach to cross-channel attribution, digital planning and allocation helps improve overall marketing and channel level effectiveness while driving profitable growth for our clients. Read more
In-Market Testing In-market testing drives growth through innovation fuelled by rapid experimentation. Read more
Pricing Strategy Analytics Often complementing Ipsos MMA’s Commercial Effectiveness analyses, understanding the impact of pricing changes and promotional cadence leads to more strategic data-driven decisions. Read more
Brand Funnel & Customer Pathway Measure and optimise longer term marketing tactics to build brand equity. Read more
Forecasting Ipsos MMA creates improved sales forecasts for better demand and supply side planning. Read more
Data Management “Big Marketing Data” collected, harmonised and converted into predictive insights in order to solve “Big Marketing Problems” and create “Big Value”. Read more
Software & Decision Support The tools to create continuous, repeatable and real-time…integrating predictive analytics into ongoing business planning processes is core to successfully adapting, transforming and creating forward- looking value with analytics. Read more