[Webinar] Ipsos CX Global Voices 2022

CX Global Voices 2022 | Webinar | CX


27% of CX professionals admit that the experiences their organizations are delivering to customers are generally worse than promised.

Hear from our global customer experience experts, as they unpack what's going on and what that might mean for you. 

We’ll be sharing the results of the Ipsos 2022 CX Global Voices Survey conducted among 1,000+ CX professionals, from over 65 markets. We delve into:

  • Current state of play, how that’s changed and what the future holds
  • Levels of CX maturity - who’s now ahead of the curve and who’s lagging
  • CX challenges, including those relating to omnichannel delivery, data integration and the metaverse
  • Top priorities for CX practitioners across the world - where there’s still work to be done and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Speakers :

  • Helen Wilson - Global Chief Experience Officer, Ipsos

    Helen Wilson, Global Chief Experience Officer, Ipsos

  • Nicolas Fritis - Head of CX for Latin America, Ipsos

    Nicolas Fritis, Head of CX for Latin America, Ipsos

  • Stephane Sanchez | Ipsos

    Stephane Sanchez, Head of CX for Asia Pacific, Ipsos

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