Innovation & Brand Strategy: Ipsos Marketing

Ipsos Marketing specialises in addressing issues related to innovation, market understanding and path to purchase. Ipsos Marketing helps clients to define their marketing strategy, identify new opportunities, understand buying behaviour, develop brands, services and products and optimise the allocation of their marketing expenditures.

Market Understanding Market Understanding represents the foundation of nearly all marketing activities. Ipsos aims at understanding people, brands and markets to drive business growth. Ver más
Brand Strategy People’s behaviour is undergoing a revolution fostered by technology and globalisation, which makes it challenging to manage brands. Ipsos helps you to build stronger brands in today’s increasingly complex world. Ver más
Innovation and Forecasting Ipsos helps clients to accelerate innovation for today’s changing world. Our expertise relies on our innovative approaches, including overnight and device agnostic surveys, neuroscience and the integration of solutions. Ver más
Product Testing As the world’s leading product testing advisor, Ipsos tests 7,000 products annually and has successfully launched 20,000 products. Ver más
Package Testing Building on decades of package research experience, Ipsos helps clients to optimise their packaging so it can reach its full potential as a key consumer touchpoint. Ver más
Path to Purchase & Shopper Research Ipsos has developed a strong global expertise in Path-to-Purchase and Shopper Research. We help you to connect with savvy, well-informed consumers in the new retail reality. Ver más
Retail Performance Retail Performance is one of the world’s leading retail analytics consultancies, specialising in footfall monitoring and shopper behaviour in a world of pure technology providers. Working with global brands across 50+ countries, our expertise in consumer intelligence helps identify shopper trends and retail insights to improve the whole customer experience. Ver más