Connect:Digital to evaluate Digital Communications Performance

Ipsos Connect expands digital offer with a new solution that allows brands to optimise creative, maximise brand impact and minimise media spend, in Partnership With Moat.

Connect:Digital to evaluate Digital Communications Performance

Digital platforms have put users firmly in control, allowing them to skip, scroll or avoid advertising altogether. Recognising this, Ipsos has launched Connect:Digital in combination with Moat measurement to help clients understand if their digital ads both earn the right to be viewed and build brand desire.

Connect:Digital is a new, holistic approach to pre-testing digital ads that combines creative impact measures with digital trading measures, enabling brands to redefine paid view criteria and ensure meaningful brand outcomes. Connect:Digital brings Ipsos Connect’s expertise in creative testing together with viewability and attention metrics from Moat, the leader in attention measurement and analytics.

Connect:Digital uses programmatic ad technology to insert test ads into a live digital platform while users are browsing. As users are able to choose the content and ads they want to view, they can choose to view, skip, or scroll away at their leisure. Time and percentage in frame viewed for each ad is measured passively; behavioural results are integrated with a brand survey served after the viewing. This combination of viewing behaviour with survey results enables brands to evaluate how long the ad needs to be viewed to drive the desired brand outcomes.

“Digital advertising is currently being traded leveraging minimum criteria defined by view metrics. These arbitrary thresholds may or may not lead to effective communication,” says Peter Minnium at Ipsos Connect. “We believe that brands should be able to set the right viewability thresholds that will help them achieve their campaign objectives. Why buy viewable impressions if the creative still hasn’t delivered an effective outcome? With Connect:Digital brands can better manage their creative and media buy to ensure they achieve their business objectives.”

“Across the board, brands are looking for better ways to connect the dots between viewability, time spent, attention, and brand effectiveness,” said Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Moat. “Moat has been working to bridge this gap. By providing brands the opportunity to test their campaigns with Connect:Digital, we’re offering them the information they need to make better, more informed media decisions.”

Connect:Digital allows brands to identify the right ads, the right formats and the right amount of view time to drive the right brand impact. For more information, reach out the contact.

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