Economic Pulse of the World

Black Friday: Shifting its Centre of Gravity

Ahead of Black Friday 2018, Tim Denison traces the history of a retail event that has evolved into a global phenomenon. But what is different now to previous years, what can retailers learn, and what shape can we expect Black Friday to take in the future?

Flair Russia 2019: The Time of Adjustments

For decades Russia has been at the forefront of world affairs, geopolitical issues, and international news. This first edition of Ipsos Flair Russia is all about its people, their aspirations, their expectations, and their everyday life.

The Future of Mobility - Shared Mobility

The third in The Future of Mobility series, Shared Mobility looks at the rise and development of car-sharing and ride-sharing.

The Secret to Unleashing a Disruptive Brand? Stop Being a Victim

This report speaks to clients to find out how to survive in a transforming market and handle the changes disruption brings.

Last Impressions Also Count

How to evoke an emotional response to leave strong branded memories. While we all know the importance of first impressions, this report highlights the significance of a good last impression.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Customer Experience Management

​Customer Experience Management is the practice of actively, consistently, and comprehensively managing the perceptions customers have of experiences relating to an organisation.

Book: "The Perils of Perception: Why We're Wrong About Nearly Everything"

A ground-breaking exploration of our misperceptions - informed by several exclusive Ipsos studies over 40 countries. An essential read for anyone who wants to be smarter and better informed, this fascinating book will transform the way you engage with the world.

Are You Using Social Data Optimally?

Focusing on the Indian market, this paper aims to provide a complete overview on how we optimise social media data for marketers. In 2021, it is estimated that 24% of the Indian population will be accessing social networks, up from 15% in 2017.

Ipsos Update - September 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. September’s edition features new papers on mystery shopping in the luxury industry, in-app advertising, and affluent travel, as well as case studies on social media data in India and current…

Four Ways Agile Research Will Evolve to Drive Innovation

In today’s fast-moving, shape-shifting world, it seems virtually every business, every marketer, and every researcher wants to be agile. But, what exactly does agility mean?