Future of Research: RESEARCH WITHOUT - a successful annual conference of Ipsos Comcon

We discussed the future of research and demonstrated new technologies, which our clients can obtain already now

Future of Research: RESEARCH WITHOUT - a successful annual conference of Ipsos Comcon

On October 11th Ipsos Comcon held its annual conference for clients in Russia, this year called "Future of Research: RESEARCH WITHOUT". The event was organized as a set of interactive sessions split between 5 zones, built around the idea without what the truly innovative research of future will be. The guests were divided into teams, each with its own route, visiting zones demonstrating our New Services and key strengths.


  • WITHOUT  Things – Making research, avoiding costs for creating mock ups and product prototypes: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality, Car Clinic tests in VR, eye-tracking capabilities in VR.

  • WITHOUT Questions – Passive and neuro research: Ipsos Duel , Ipsos IRT, Facial Coding, SBI and SMX, Life Path: online passive measurement.

  • WITHOUT  Power Point – New forms of deliverables, more engaging, more creative and easier to understand: Insight Cloud, EFM, deliverables (video, animated, Web, video 360).

  • WITHOUT  Time – Overnights and other forms of getting answers quickly: syndicated studies, Device Agnostic tools: Overnight Qual and Quant, I-Instant, ASI:Check.

  • WITHOUT  Boundaries – Ipsos is a global team. Wherever the client is located, with us it is easy to get the information about the consumers of interest in any corner of the world. Boundless world with Global@dvisor, Ipsos Observer and omnibus opportunities, working with communities to Ipsos expertise worldwide.

Virtual reality

Device agnostic. Mobile surveys