Selling Creative Research Short?

How creative research can help measure and fuel long-term campaign effects

Selling Creative Research Short?

Pre-launch creative evaluation tests are often considered to only be helpful to select and optimise ads with immediate sales objectives, which can fuel short-term thinking and hamper long-term brand success.

But this paper reveals that with the right mix of creative evaluation metrics, creative research can help measure and fuel long-term campaign effects. Focusing on metrics that match objectives can deliver the true value from research and help brands to pursue the bold creative that will drive long-term business outcomes.

This paper presents the Ipsos view in answer to the question:

Do the metrics in creative evaluation services have a relationship to actual long-term business effects? And, if they do, why is it that clients who use these services are less likely to achieve them?

Expert tips include:

  • Have a clear business objective in the creative brief
  • Speak the same language
  • Create the right conditions for collaboration

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