There is a Better Way

Moving beyond the claims of fast, good and cheap digital measurement to help build stronger brands

There is a Better Way

Despite many claims to the contrary and no small amount of genuine potential, I would characterise digital as a clearly defined area of doubt and uncertainty. Data is ubiquitous but often of indeterminate quality. In the last two years, the industry has been rocked by scandal after scandal. Another year of mobile anyone? Regardless of these myriad issues, including the vastly overblown claims of a new medium, we all recognise potential when we see it.  I sometimes think that digital would perform much more strongly for clients if we could remove the digital industry from it. 

What are the measurement challenges facing clients today?

  1. Integrating attitudinal and behavioural data is key to reconciling customer engagement. Connect:Digital provides a combined respondent level database to allow us to cut attitudes by exposure time.
  2. Addressing context vs consistency. We must recognise that digital represents a more distracted experience than most traditional media (radio possibly excepted). We need to provide clients with the flexibility to test live (within context where the environment content is ever- changing) or to test within more controlled but still real, environments where the only discriminator is the test ad, all the time providing that realistic distracted environment – not a mock environment. Flexibility is key!
  3. Linking copy test insights with trading data. Our relationship with MOAT Viewability is an industry first, linking viewability tags with survey respondents. The result is the only product available in market to directly link copy test metrics with real viewability thresholds allowing clients to take an evidence based approach to minimum viewability thresholds.
  4. Ensuring the measurement is device agnostic but also recognising that just because we could doesn’t mean we should. Those merging PC and mobile samples should recognise the difficulties of ensuring sample balance and representation; of recognising the differing levels of distraction between the house and the train; the small number of consistent ad formats between PC and desktop; that PCs don’t usually use full-screen video views.
  5. Use of registration data where applicable. Registration data can provide a rich (and high sample incidence) source of profiling data enabling Ipsos to save valuable survey time by not having to ask for claimed age and gender data. Our Connect:Live approach leverages aggregate level registration data across multiple social platforms to enable fast field times with accurate profiling.
  6. Speed has been a defining hygiene factor of digital. At Ipsos, Connect:Live can provide inflight insights within the first week of flighting a campaign on Facebook – a cycle-time unmatched in the market. Connect:Digital will deliver full testing insights, including creative diagnostics along with viewability data within seven days and will shortly undergo an automation program to reduce cycle-time further.

  7. Measuring meaningful brand outcomes. Advertising needs to do two things: capture attention and achieve brand impact. When used for brand marketing, digital advertising needs to be measured on these outcomes.

  8. A flexible protocol to meet the needs of digital. It’s critical to ensure clients are able to screen multiple digital creatives for AB tests with the option of control cells where required.

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